Network Audit & Monitoring

Network Audit & Monitoring is a comprehensive service that evaluates the performance and security of a company’s network infrastructure. Our team of experts uses cutting-edge tools and techniques to identify potential vulnerabilities and performance issues, and provides recommendations to optimize network performance and security.

Our network audit services include a thorough analysis of network architecture, hardware, and software configurations, network connectivity, and data transmission systems. We also evaluate access controls, security protocols, and disaster recovery plans to ensure that data is protected and available when needed.

Our network monitoring services are designed to provide real-time visibility into network performance and identify potential issues before they become critical. We use advanced monitoring tools to track key network metrics, such as network traffic, bandwidth usage, and latency, and provide alerts when performance falls below predefined thresholds.

At Scenargix, we understand the critical role that networks play in business operations. Our goal is to help clients optimize their network performance and security, so they can focus on growing their business with confidence. We provide detailed reports that outline our findings and provide recommendations for improvements, and we work closely with clients to ensure that recommendations are practical and feasible.

Network Audit & Monitoring

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